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Engineering Drawing Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part Five For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

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Engineering Drawing Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part Five For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

Here we are providing mostly asked MCQ PDF of Engineering Drawing For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 stage exam,It will be provide help to aspirants who are going to appear this exam.Next part will be upload tomorrow.

RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 Online Test Series Will Be Start Shortly.

Question-1.In the engineering system of paper sizes, which of the following is “A2” size?

(a) 841 mm × 1189 mm

(b) 594 mm × 841 mm

(c) 420 mm × 594 mm

(d) 210 mm × 297 mm


Question-2.Center lines are drawn as

(a) Continuous narrow lines

(b) Dashed narrow line

(c) Long-dashed dotted narrow line

(d) Long-dashed double dotted narrow line


Question-3.If a line intersects a circle at two points, not passing through the center, the line segment inside the circle is referred as

(a) Radial line

(b) Chord

(c) Quadrant

(d) Sequent


Question-4.The R.F. of scale is always

(a) Less than 1

(b) Equal to 1

(c) Greater than 1

(d) Any of these


Question-5.Name the curve traced out by a point moving in a plane such that the difference between its distances from two fixed points is constant

(a) Ellipse

(b) Parabola

(c) Hyperbola

(d) Any of these


Question-6.Name the curve traced out by a point on the circumference of a circle, which rolls outside another circle of same diameter

(a) Cycloid

(b) Hypocycloid

(c) Cardiod

(d) None of these


Question-7.Which of the following describes the theory of orthographic projection?

(a) Projectors parallel to each other and perpendicular to the plane of projection

(b) Projectors parallel to each other and parallel to the plane of projection

(c) Projectors parallel to each other and oblique to the plane of projection

(d) Projectors perpendicular to each other and parallel to the plane of projection


Question-8.point lying in the HP, has its top view above XY line. Its front view will be

(a) On XY line

(b) Above XY line

(c) Below XY line

(d) Any of these


Question-9.If the apparent and the true inclinations of a line with HP are equal, the line is

(a) Parallel to horizontal plane

(b) Parallel to vertical plane

(c) Parallel to profile plane

(d) Inclined to both reference planes


Question-10.Planes which are inclined to both the horizontal and vertical planes are called

(a) Oblique planes

(b) Profile planes

(c) Auxiliary planes

(d) None of these


Question-11.A solid having minimum number of faces is

(a) Tetrahedron

(b) Triangular prism

(c) Square pyramid

(d) cube


Question-12.A cube is resting on a face in the HP with vertical faces equally inclined to the VP. It is cut by an A.I.P. The true shape of section view is

(a) Triangle

(b) Rhombus

(c) Hexagon

(d) Any of these


Question-13.Methods for the development of solids are

(a) Parallel line method

(b) Radical line method

(c) Triangular method

(d) All of them


Question-14.When two cylinders of equal diameters envelope a common sphere, the curve of intersection is made up of

(a) Parabola

(b) Semicircle

(c) Straight line

(d) None of these


Question-15.Isometric drawings fall into a larger category of drawings known as

(a) Oblique drawings

(b) Pictorial drawings

(c) Dimetric drawings

(d) Perspective drawings


Question-16.In an oblique projection, the front surface of the object is kept at an angle eith
respect to plane of projection is

(a) Perpendicular

(b) Parallel

(c) 45°

(d) either 30º or 60º


Question-17.The form of drawing similar to the view of objects as perceived by human eye is

(a) Perspective

(b) Oblique

(c) Axonometric

(d) Isometric


Question-18.What does WCS stand for?

(a) Western CAD System

(b) Worldwide Coordinate Sectors

(c) World Coordinate System

(d) Wrong CAD Setting


Question-19.If the generating point is on the generating circle and the generating circle is outside the directing circle, the curve obtained is:

(a) Inferior hypotrochoid

(b) epicycloids

(c) hypocycloid

(d) superior trochoid


Question-20.To obtain the true shape of the section of solid, an auxiliary plane is set

(a) Inclined at an angle of 45º to a cutting plane

(b) parallel to XY

(c) Parallel to a cutting plane

(d) perpendicular to a cutting plane


Question-21.If a line is inclined to the Vertical Plane and parallel to Horizontal Plane, then which of the following statements is always CORRECT ?

(a) True Length = Plan Length

(b) True Length ? Plan Length

(c) True Length > Elevation Length

(d) True Length = Elevation Length


Question-22.A drafter helps in drawing

(a) Parallel and perpendicular lines

(b) Concentric circles

(c) Smooth curves

(d) All of these


Question-23.Which of following publications made by Bureau of Indian Standards includes standard techniques for line conventions and lettering in detail?

(a) SP 46

(b) BIS 9609

(c) ASME Y14.2M

(d) ISO 9000


Question-24.When two graphic entities are at a constant distance apart along the length is commonly referred as

(a) Concentricity

(b) Parallelism

(c) Perpendicularity

(d) Chordality


Question-25.For drawing the components of a wrist watch, the scale used is

(a) Reducing scale

(b) Full scale

(c) Enlarging scale

(d) Any of these


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