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RRB JE,CMA And DMA 2014-15 Official Cut Off

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RRB Junior Junior (JE),Junior Junior (JE)-Information Technology,Depot Material Superintendent (DMS),Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant (CMA) Recruitment 2014 And 2015 Official Cut Off

RRB Have released notification for RRB JE,CMA,And DMA 14033 Post Recruitment 2019,Which online application will be start from 02/01/2019,According to notification candidate have to apply for only one RRB and this is very difficult for aspirant to right RRB.

To provide help to RRB JE 2019 aspirants here we are proving various RRB 2014 and 2015 recruitment official cut of,According to cut off candidate will be able to understand competition for post and RRB.

RRB JE Official Cut Off-CEN 02/2014 And CEN 01/2015 official cut off given as following (In upcoming days we will upload some others RRB cut off also)

Cut of is given in percentage marks out of 100% normalized score And Some RRB out of 150 Marks  

RRB Ahmadabad Cut Off-CEN 01/2015

RRB Ajmer Cut Off-CEN 02/2014 

RRB Ajmer Cut Off-CEN 01/2015

RRB Bangalore Cut Off-CEN 02/2014 

RRB Bangalore Cut Off-CEN 01/2015 

RRB Bilaspur Cut Off-CEN 02/2014 

RRB Bilaspur Cut Off-CEN 01/2015 

RRB Secundarabad Cut Off-CEN 02/2014 (JE-IT)

RRB Secundarabad Cut Off-CEN 02/2014

RRB Chandigarh Cut Off-CEN 02/2014

Cat Rly Post UR SC ST OBC
36 SR JE- (P-Way) 53.15 44.68 36.29 48.21
37 ICF JE- Works 56.21 NV NV 52.30
38 SR JE-(Bridge) 53.01 46.80 NV 50.69
43 SR&ICF JE-Mech Workshop/Mechanical 62.09 53.64 52.20 59.74
50 SR JE- Diesel Mech NV NV 52.31 NV
53 SR&ICF JE- Mechanical/Mechanical Design 61.62 56.53 NV 60.42
56 SR JE- Elect/Elect General 63.66 55.03 50.52 61.15
57 SR JE – Elect/TRD NV NV 50.33 60.65
58 ICF JE- Electrical 72.54 NV NV NV
71 SR JE- Track Machine 60.68 54.75 48.15 59.74
76 SR&ICF DMS 63.27 56.94 58.53 60.08

RRB Chandigarh Cut Off-CEN 0/2015

Cat. No. Rly Post UR SC ST OBC
27 ICF JE – (Works) 47.42 40.34 NV 46.99
29 SR , ICF & RDSO JE – Civil Drawing / Drg Design/Design Civil B & S 48.94 40.20 37.93 43.51
40 SR JE – Electrical / GS 63.35 54.99 48.98 61.29
41 SR JE – Electrical / TRD 63.96 50.95 47.16 63.89
43 SR JE – Electrica / TRS 60.75 48.99 46.50 59.58
47 SR JE – Telecommunication 68.33 NV NV NV
50 ICF Depot Material Superintendent 69.26 50.30 47.19 NV

CEN.02/2014 Category Code-Post Name

36-Junior Engineer(P-Way)

37-Junior Engineer (Works)

38-Junior Engineer (Bridge)

39-Junior Engineer Drawing/ Drawing & Design (Civil)

40-Junior Engineer Estimator / Sr.Estimator

41-Junior Engineer(Design) Civil

42-Junior Section Engineer(Reaserch)Engineering

43-Junior Engineer(Mechanical/Workshop)

44-Junior Engineer(W/Shop) Engine Development

45-Junior Engineer Mechanical

46-Junior Engineer Carriage & Wagon(Open Line)

47-Junior Engineer Mechanical

48-Junior Engineer Mechanical (MWT)

49-Junior Engineer(Research) Mechanical

50-Junior Engineer Diesel Mechanical

51-Junior Engineer Diesel Electrical

52-Junior Engineer Loco

53-Junior Engineer(Drawing/Design/Designing&Drawing)Mechanical/Mechanical Design

54-Junior Engineer J&T (Jig & Tools)

55-Junior Engineer Not Suitable.(Design) Carriage & Wagon

56-Junior Engineer Electrical/ Electrical General

57-Junior Engineer Electrical/ TRD

58-Junior Engineer (Electrical)

59-Junior Engineer(Electrical/TRS)

60-Junior Engineer(RS)

61-Junior Engineer (Design) Electrical

62-Junior Engineer(Drawing/Design/ Design & Drawing)Electrical

63-Junior Engineer(Signal)

64-Junior Engineer(Telecommunication)

65-Junior Engineer Drawing/ Drawing& Desing/ Signal/S&T

66-Junior Engineer / Estimator (S&T)

67-Junior Engineer Drawing

68-Junior Engineer S&T Workshop

69-Junior Engineer Not Suitable(Research)Instrumentation

70-Junior Engineer (IT)

71-Junior Engineer(Track Machine)

72-Junior Engineer Engg. Workshop

73-Junior Engineer Not Suitable Plant

74-Junior Engineer(Printing Press)

75-Junior Engineer / Melt

76-Depot Material Superindent

77-Chemical Metallurgical Assistant

CEN.01/2015 Category Code-Post Name

26-Junior Engineer(P-Way)

27-Junior Engineer (Works)

28-Junior Engineer (Bridge)

29-Junior Engineer Drawing/ Drawing & Design & Estimation (Civil)

30-Junior Engineer (STR)


32-Junior Engineer /Engg(B&F)

33-Junior Engineer(Mechanical Workshop)

34-Junior Engineer Mechanical

35-Junior Engineer Carriage & Wagon(Open Line)

36-Junior Engineer Diesel Mechanical

37-Junior Engineer Diesel Electrical

38-Junior Engineer (Drawing/Design/Designing &Drawing)Mechanical

39-Junior Engineer Mechanical(Drawing & Design)

40-Junior Engineer Electrical/ Electrical General

41-Junior Engineer Electrical/ TRD

42-Junior Engineer(Electrical)/Work Shop

43-Junior Engineer (Electrical/TRS)

44-Junior Engineer (Design)Electrical

45-Junior Engineer (Drawing/Design/Design & Drawing &Estimation) Electrical

46-Junior Engineer(Signal)

47-Junior Engineer (Telecommunication)

48-Junior Engineer Drawing/ Drawing &Desing/ Signal/ S&T

49-Junior Engineer(Track Machine)

50-Depot Material Superindent

51-Junior Engineer (IT)

52-Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant

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