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Electronics Mechanic Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part Four For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

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Electronics Mechanic Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part Four For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

Here we are providing mostly asked MCQ PDF of Electronics Mechanic Trade  For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 stage exam,It will be provide help to aspirants who are going to appear this exam.Next part will be upload tomorrow.

RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 Online Test Series Will Be Start Shortly.

Question-1.The purpose of using the start-up timers in an oscillator circuit of PIC

1. For ensuring the inception and stabilization of an oscillator in a proper manner
2. For enabling or disabling the power-up timers
3. For generating the fixed delay of 72ms on power-up timers
4. For detecting the rise in VDD

Answer-For ensuring the inception and stabilization of an oscillator in a proper manner

Question-2.motor used in washing machine.

1. None of these
2. DC servo motor
3. Shaded pole induction motors
4. Capacitor start induction motors

Answer-Capacitor start induction motors

Question-3.The power factor of a 3-phase Induction motor at no load s approximately

1. 0.85
2. 1
3. 0.7
4. 0.2


Question-4.Full form of VVVF control

1. VAR Variable Voltage Frequency
2. Variable Voltage Var able Frequency
3. Variable Voltage VAR Frequency
4. Variable VAR Voltage Frequency

Answer-Variable Voltage Variable Frequency

Question-5.The operational feature of PIC allows it to reset especially when the power suppl drops the
voltage below 4V

1. None of these
2. Both (1 & 2)
3. Built- in power-on-reset
4. 2 Brown-out reset

Answer-Brown-out reset

Question-6.Pneumatic is stem usually do not exceed

1. 4 to 5
2. 1 to 2
3. 2 to 3 hp
4. 1 hp

Answer –1 hp

Question-7.For the protect on of DC series motor, commonly used starter is

1. Two point starter
2. Three point starter
3. Four point starter
4. None of these

Answer-Two point starter

Question-8.The following cannot be an input that is given to the PLC

1. None of these
2. Sensors
3. Relays
4. Manual switches

Answer -None of these

Question-9.The following is the type of LED driver

1. None of these
2. Constant power LED driver
3. Constant charge LED driver
4. Constant voltage LED driver

Answer-Constant voltage LED driver

Question-10.As compared to an induct on motor, the air gap in a DC motor is

1. More
2. Between 50% and 90%
3. Same
4. Less than 50%

Answer-Between 50% and 90%

Question-11.A single-phase induct on motor

1. None of these
2. Operates at a fixed speed
3. is self-starting
4. is less reliable than a three-phase synchronous motor

Answer-None of these

Question-12..A DC servo motor

1. Uses a tachometer for speed feedback
2. Uses a var able DC voltage for speed control
3. Can provide precise position control
4. All of these

Answer-All of these

Question-13.One of the basic requirements of a servomotor is that it must produce high torque at all

1. Speeds
2. Frequencies
3. Loads
4. Voltages


Question-14.A low- contrast picture in which white seems flat and lacking in detail suggest

1. Excessive gamma
2. High gain in the amplifier
3. Low beam current
4. Insufficient scanning width

Answer-Low beam current

Question-15.PLC can be ______in plant to change the sequence of operation.

1. Only reprogrammed
2. Only programmed
3. Able to give a set point
4. Programmed and reprogrammed

Answer-Programmed and reprogrammed

Question-16.Traffic Intensity is expressed in

1. Erlangs / MHz / km²
2. Erlangs
3. λ/ sec
4. dB / sec


Question-17.The R, G, and B video drive controls are set for in the picture

1. Green
2. Dark gray
3. Black
4. White


Question-18.The DC range of solenoids in pneumatic system

1. 110V and 220V
2. None of these
3. 12V and 24V
4. Both 1 & 2

Answer-12V and 24V

Question-19.The techniques used to improve the capacity of cellular system are

1. Sectoring
2. Splitting
3. Coverage one approach
4. All of these

Answer-All of these

Question-20.The PLC is used in

1. Automated assembly equipment
2. Machine tools
3. Mouiding and extrusion machines
4. All of these

Answer-All of these

Question-21.The direct on of rotation of a D.C. series motor can be changed by

1. Either of Interchanging supply terminals and Interchanging field terminals
2. Interchanging field terminals
3. None of these
4. Interchanging supply terminals

Answer-interchanging field terminals

Question-22.The advantage of using frequency reuse is

1. Increased capacity
2. Same spectrum may be allocated to other network
3. Limited spectrum is required
4. All of these

Answer-All of these

Question-23.The consideration involved n the select on of the type of electric drive for a particular application
depends on

1. Speed control range and ts nature
2. Starting torque
3. All of these
4. Environmental conditions

Answer-All of these

Question-24.The execution speed of instruction in PIC especially while operating at the max mum value of
clock rate is

1. 0.4 s
2. 0.2 s
3. 0.1 s
4. 0.8 s

Answer-0.2 s

Question-25.The gamma effects of the picture tube

1. Dullness
2. Contrast
3. Either the brightness or contrast
4. Brightness


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