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APTRANSCO AE Electrical Previous Years Question Paper Analysis

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Andhra Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation (APTRANSCO) Assistant Engineers (AE) Electrical Previous Years Question Paper Analysis With Important Topics

APTRANSCO have released notification for 171 post AE 2019,To provide help to aspirant here we are providing previous years questions papers analysis with important topics,By this analysis candidate will be able to understand which subject are topics are important for upcoming.

APTRANSCO AE Electrical online test series will be start shortly .

Technical Part Analysis

Subject/Topic Numerical Question Theory Question Important Topics
Power System 12 3 Surge Impedance, DC Distributor, Transmission and Distribution Numerical, Inertia Based Questions (Transient And Steady State Stability),Faults Theory And Numerical, Cables Numerical, Insulator ,String Efficiency, Sag ,Ferranti Effect
Transformers 3 1 Turns Ratio ,Core losses, Auto Transformer, Open Delta Connection
DC  Motor 3 1 Numerical On Commentator Bars,DC Motor Numerical
Synchronous Motor & Alternator 5 1 Fractional Pitch, Numerical, On Turbo Alternator, Harmonics Curve And Inverse V Curve, Complete Analysis
Induction Motor 4 0 Numerical on Synchronous  Speed Calculation, Slip, Poles, Crawling  Condition
Single Phase Induction Motor 0 2 Capacitor Start Applications
Control System 5 1 Root Locus, Stability From Transfer Function, Calculation Of Type And Order Of Function
Power Electronics 5 2 Snubber Circuit, RC Triggering,Harmonics,Triac, Half Wave Rectifier ,MOSFET, Chopper Circuit
Networks Theory 2 4 Resonance ,Superposition Theorem, Star Delta Conversion ,Two Wattmeter Method
Measurements 4 2 Phantom Loading, Energy Meter, Moving  Iron Numerical , Ammeter Voltmeter Extension Numerical, Bridges Theory Questions
Electric Traction 0 2 Urban, Suburban Line, Pantograph
Electric Heating 0 1 Dielectric Heating
Analog And Digital Electronics 3 0 BJT ,A-D OR D-A converter, Flip Flops
Microprocessor 0 1 8085 Microprocessor

Non Tech Part Analysis

Subject/Topic Number Of Question
English 3
Coding Decoding 4
Number  Series 1
Analogy 1
Order And Ranking 1
Venn diagram 2
Number System 5
Geometry 2
Probability 1
Profit & Loss 2
Log 1
Time & Work 1
Direction Sense Test 1
Data Sufficiency Test 1

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