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List of Static GK 2024 For All Defence Exams General Knowledge, Download Free

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General Knowledge

Static GK (General Knowledge) includes fixed facts and information in areas such as science, literature, history, art, politics, and geography. It covers a variety of topics that are important for general education and cultural understanding. This knowledge helps in understanding the world and forms the basis for further education and critical thinking. Technology has made static general knowledge easier to access and acquire, making it useful for both personal and professional development.

Complete List of Static General Knowledge

List of Static GK 2024 : The GA section of the exam includes Static GK, and Defenseadda is making all the material available at one place for your convenience. Instead of searching for different PDFs, you can save this article and review the material until the day of the exam. Static GK includes various topics that are useful for candidates preparing for Defense exams. There are many other topics that candidates can study to improve their general knowledge. You can use the given link to know the Static GK topics in detail.

Sr. No. Static GA Topic
1. Dams and Reservoirs
2. Scientific Names of Animals
3. National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
4. United Nation Agencies
5. First ranked states in minerals
6. Sports Cups and Trophies
7. Rivers and their Tributaries
8. Mountain Passes
9. Famous Inventions and Inventors
10. List of Indian Cities on River Banks
11. World Organisations and their Headquarters
12. Intelligence/Detective Agencies of the World
13. Important Military Exercises
14. IAF Command Training Institutes
15. Countries importing Defence Products from India
16. List of Gallantry Awards of Indian Army
18. List of Military Operations
19. List of India’s Missiles
20. Indian Armed Forces Command Headquarters
21. Top 10 Largest State in India by Population
22. Highest Waterfall in India
23. Highest Peak in India
24. List of Infantry Regiment in Indian Army
25. Longest National Highway in India
26. List of IPL Winners
27. List of Prime Ministers of India
28. Languages of India
29. List of Famous Books and Authors
30. List of RBI Governors
31. Fathers of Various Fields
32. Important Terminologies in Sports
33. Folk Dances of India
34. List of Bird Sanctuary in India


You can download individual PDF and read them for upcoming Examinations. Your Static GK portion is now fully covered.

List of Static General Knowledge Topics

List of Static GK 2024 : Students have to prepare the General Awareness section very well to score good marks. In this section, Static GK plays a very important role as most of the questions come from this section. The General Awareness section includes questions from the following topics:

Topic No. of Questions
Geography 6-8 questions
Current Affairs 5-6 questions
Indian Polity 3-4 questions
History 3-4 questions
Science and Technology 2-3 questions
Economics 2-3 questions

Static General Knowledge: Importance

Importance of Static GK are given below.

  1. With many upcoming Defence exams such as AFCAT, CRPF, CDS, NDA, CISF, BSF, SSB, CAPF, and others, candidates are preparing diligently to do well in these tests. Static GK is an important section in these competitive exams.
  2. Having a strong grasp of static GK can significantly improve a candidate’s exam performance. Defence Adda247 offers a comprehensive list of important topics for General Awareness, covering both current and static general knowledge.
  3. This resource is a helpful tool for aspirants to gather all essential subjects in one place, aiding them in more effective exam preparation and giving them a competitive advantage.

Static GK: Full Forms

List of Static GK 2024 : Candidates preparing for the Defence exams must be aware of the full forms that are been regularly asked in the exams.

Some Important and Must Read Topics of Statics GK for Exam

Some Important and Must Read Topics of Statics GK for Exam are given below. Candidates must go through these important topics.

  • RBI Governors
  • List of Mughal Emperors
  • Census of India 2011
  • Sources of Indian Constitution
  • List of All Governor-General of India
  • Presidents and Prime Ministers of India
  • Important Acts and bills in India
  • List of Vice-Presidents of India
  • Important Summits & Conferences in India
  • Stadiums in India
  • Banking Acts & Reforms
  • Important Banking Terms
  • Space Centre and Space Agency in India
  • Dams in India
  • Government Schemes
  • Important Awards in India
  • Important Boundary Lines of the World
  • List of States and their Dance Forms
  • Historical Monuments
  • Highest Mountain Peaks State-wise
  • List of Indian Missiles
  • List of Tiger Reserves in India
  • List of Nobel Prize Winners from India

Static GK For Exam

List of Static GK 2024 : The Static GK syllabus is a key part of various competitive exams in India like UPSC, SSC, and banking exams. Unlike current affairs, Static GK focuses on facts and knowledge that remain constant. Understanding this syllabus well can help you score higher and secure a government job. Let’s explore the important components of the Static GK syllabus to aid your preparation.

Subject Topics to Learn
Indian History Important events in ancient, medieval, and modern Indian history
Key dynasties, rulers, and their contributions
Timeline of significant historical events
Indian Polity Indian Constitution and its features
Amendments to the Constitution
Different branches of government and their functions
Roles of key officials like the President, Prime Minister, and others
Functioning of Parliament and Judiciary
Geography Physical features of India and the world (rivers, mountains, deserts)
Political geography (countries, capitals, currencies)
Climate patterns
Indian Economy Economic planning in India
Concepts of national income
Agriculture and its significance in the Indian economy
Industrial sectors and financial institutions
Science and Technology Basic concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology
Important scientific discoveries, inventions, and inventors
Recent advancements in technology, space exploration, and environmental issues
Art, Culture, and Sports Indian art forms, architecture, and music
Major Indian festivals and their significance
Notable personalities in arts, literature, and sports
Key sporting events and awards

How To Read Static GK

Here are steps to follow for studying static GK:

  • Find reliable sources of information like websites, books, or resources.
  • Set up a study schedule with regular study sessions.
  • Read the study material carefully to understand it.
  • Identify key facts and focus on memorizing them.
  • Test yourself often using quizzes or practice papers.
  • Review the topics regularly without looking back at the source material.
  • Stay updated on current static GK by reading newspapers and trusted sources.

Current Affairs

List of Static GK 2024 : Current Affairs can be prepared from any standard magazine. Adda247 also covers the current affairs on its various study materials. We also provide the Daily Current Affairs Quizzes here. This will help you in covering your daily current affairs. Practice them on a regular basis and you will feel the difference. Your General Awareness section is fully prepared for both Static and Current portion by covering these PDFs and Quizzes. Keep Revising! Keep Studying!


Q1. Which site is best for static GK?

Ans. Defence Adda 247 site is best for static gk.

Q2. Can i download the pdf version of static gk?

Ans. Yes, you can download the pdf version of static gk.

Are there any free Static GK PDFs available online?

Yes, there are many free Static GK PDFs available online that candidates can access without any cost. Download Static GK PDF from the links given above.

What is Static GK?

Static GK refers to information about the world, geography, history, politics, economy, and other static topics. This knowledge is not time-sensitive and is considered important for various competitive exams.

What is the importance of Static GK syllabus for exams?

A comprehensive knowledge of the Static GK Syllabus helps in scoring higher marks in almost all exams as static GK is an important part of the syllabus in every exam.

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