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1.What does C refer to in CRZ?
a. cost
b. coast
c. coastal
d. costing

2.The ease of doing business index is an index created by the
a. World Bank Group
b. International Monetary Fund Group
d. World Trade Organisation

3.Whihc of the followinh is not included in the three technologies launched by Karur Vysya Bank?   
a. Adhaar Pay
c. UPI
d. FASTage

4. In which year was Karur Vysya Bank founded?
a. 1978
b. 1932
c. 1953
d. 1916

5.Al Nagah-II is a joint military exercise between India and
a. Bahrain
b. Soudi Arab
c. Oman
d. Morocco

6.Which bank has launched Work From Home Policy for its employees?
a. Allahabad Bank
b. Bank of Baroda
c. Punjab National Bank
d. State Bank of India

7. 3 H mission which was the focus of Destination North East 2017 refers to
a. Handicraft, Handmade and Habitatio
b. Handmade, Habitate and Herbination
c. Horiticulture, Handmade and Habitation
d. Horticulture Handicraft and Handlooms

8.India’s longest cable bridge inaugrated by PM Modi is located on which river?
a. Tapti
b. Narmada
c. Sabarmati
d. Bhadar

9. Sentinel Earth observation satellite is launched by which nation?
a. Europe
b. America
c. Australia
d. Russia

10. Which state government has launched Pratibimba a web platform to to
improve efficiency in governance and allow citizens to track
government’s progress.

a. Gujrat
b. Maharashtra
c. Odisha
d. Karnataka

11. Who among the following joined R. Ashwin to become the first set of
spinners to be jointly ranked number one in the ICC Test rankings for

a. Mohammed Shami
b. Mohit Sharma
c. Ravindra Jadeja
d. Harbhajan Singh

12. What is the motto of International Cricket Council?
a. Great Spirit Great Sport
b. Great Sport Great Spirit
c. Sport of Great Spirits
d. Spirit of Great Sport

13. What is the tagline of IDFC bank?
a. Banking Hatke
b. Aao Sochein Bada
c. Hum Hain Na
d. Make it Happen

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