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1. What was India’s rank globally in terms of representation of women
in executive government and parliament, according to a report published
by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UN Women (2017)?

a. 154
b. 136
c. 123
d. 148

2. Where is the headquarters of Inter-Parliamentary Union located?
a. Geneva
b. Paris
c. Brussels
d. Washington DC

3. Who is set to become the next chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)?

a. Pinarayi Vijayan
b. Raghubar Das
c. Mallikarjun Kharge
d. Shivraj Singh Chauhan

4. ESAF has become the first private sector bank of
a. Thiruvananthapuram
b. Telangana
c. Tamilnadu
d. Kerala

5. Who has been appointed as the Head HR of Lenovo for Asia Pacific Region?

a. Atharv Sinha
b. Subhankar Roy Chowdhury
c. Diwakar Chaturvedi
d. Subroto Rai

6. With which railway university has ministry of Indian railway entered
into an agreement to support future research and technology development
related to critical infrastructure in India?

a. Rail Transportation and Engineering Center, USA
b. Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education
c. Moscow State University of Railway Engineering
d. Monash University Institute of Railway Technology

7. Where is India’s first Airbus training centre going to be constructed?

a. Delhi
b. Mumbai
c. Gandhinagar
d. Hyderabad

8. Which city’s police station has become the first police post in the
country to be linked with Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and
Systems (CCTNS), a nationwide online tracking system?

a. Salem
b. Tirrupur
c. Rajkot
d. Sanjauli

9. Which of the following rivers has been granted the same legal rights as a human being?

a. Whanganui
b. Mekong
c. Tigris
d. Orinoco

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