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Electronics Mechanic Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part One For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

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Electronics Mechanic Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part One For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

Here we are providing mostly asked MCQ PDF of Electronics Mechanic Trade  For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 stage exam,It will be provide help to aspirants who are going to appear this exam.Next part will be upload tomorrow.

RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 Online Test Series Will Be Start After Stage First Result.

Question-1.To measure moisture in wood, the most suitable method is

  1. Electric conduction
  2. Electrical-capacitive
  3. Equilibrium-moisture Vs humidity
  4. Absorption of radiation

 Answer-1.Electric conduction

Question-2.Network congestion occurs

  1. None of these
  2. In case of traffic overloading
  3. When a system terminates
  4. When connection between two nodes terminates

Answer-2.In case of traffic overloading

Question-3.When the USB is connected to a system, its root hub is connected to the _________.

  2. Processor Bus
  3. IDE
  4. PCI Bus

Answer-2.Processor Bus

Question-4.A module in a solar panel refers to

  1. Parallel arrangement of solar cells
  2. None of these
  3. Series arrangement of solar cells
  4. Series and parallel arrangement of solar cells

Answer-4.Series and parallel arrangement of solar cells

Question-5.A ring counter with 5 flip flop will have

  1. 5 states
  2. 32 states
  3. 10 states
  4. Infinite

Answer-1.5 states

Question-6.A chopper

  1. Converts constant voltage DC into AC and then into variable voltage DC
  2. Converts constant voltage DC into variable voltage DC directly
  3. Converts AC one frequency into AC of another frequency
  4. Converts AC to DC

Answer-1.Converts constant voltage DC into variable voltage DC directly

Question-7.It is required to measure pressure using LVDT. The additional device needed is

  1. Strain gauge
  2. Bourden tube
  3. Pitot tube
  4. Rotameter

Answer-2.Bourden tube

Question-8.It is required that a strain gauge has gauge factor of 100. The proper strain gauge is

  1. Alloy strain gauge
  2. Semiconductor strain gauge
  3. Nichrome strain gauge
  4. Constantan strain gauge

Answer-2.Semiconductor strain gauge

Question-9.Which power amplifier can deliver maximum load power

  1. Class C
  2. Class AB
  3. Class A
  4. Class B

Answer-1.Class C

Question-10.Secondary storage memory type is

  1. Backup memory
  2. Impact memory
  3. Non volatile memory
  4. Volatile memory

Answer-3.Non volatile memory

Question-11.An AND gate has two inputs A and B and one inhibit input 3, output is 1 if

  1. A=1,B=0,S=0
  2. A=1,B=0,S=1
  3. A=1,B=1,S=1
  4. A=1,B=1,S=0


Question-12.The efficiency of the solar cell is about

  1. 0.15
  2. 0.4
  3. 0.6
  4. 0.25


Question-13.Word ‘RAM’ Stands for

  1. Random access memory
  2. Random arithmetic memory
  3. Read arithmetic memory
  4. Read access memory

Answer-4.Random access memory

Question-14.Physical layer provides

  1. Specification for IR over optical fiber
  2. Electrical specification of transmission line signal level
  3. All of these
  4. Mechanical specifications of electrical connectors and cables

Answer-3.All of these

Question-15.The commonly used flux in brazing is

  1. Rosin
  2. Lead sulphide
  3. Borax
  4. Zinc chloride


Question-16.The commands will move the value at port 3 to register 2

  1. MOV P2, R3
  2. MOV R2, P3
  3. MOV R2, P3
  4. MOV 3P, R2

Answer-3.MOV R2, P3

Question-17.The composition of soft solder is

  1. Lead-37%, Tin-63%
  2. Lead-63%, Tin-37
  3. Lead-50%, Tin-50%
  4. Lead-70%, Tin-30%

Answer-1.Lead-37%, Tin-63%

Question-18.There or more devices share a link in _______ connection.

  1. Unipoint
  2. None of these
  3. Multipoint
  4. Point to point


Question-19.A CB amplifier has re = 6Ω, RL =600Ω and a=0.98. The voltage gain is

  1. 600×0.98
  2. 100
  3. 98
  4. 6


Question-20.In a parallel inverter

  1. The commuting capacitor C is across the primary of transformer and the load is across the secondary
  2. The commutating capacitor and load are connected across the secondary of transformer
  3. The commutating capacitor C and load are connected in series and the combination is across the secondary of transformer
  4. None of these

Answer-1.The commuting capacitor C is across the primary of transformer and the load is across the secondary

Question-21.8051 series has how many 16 bit registers

  1. 2
  2. 0
  3. 1
  4. 4


Question-22.Transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network is

  1. Twisted pair cable
  2. Electrical cable
  3. Coaxial cable
  4. Optical fiber

Answer-4.Optical fiber

Question-23.USB is a device used to store data and it stands for

  1. Universal Serial Bus
  2. Universal Service Bus
  3. Unlimited Service Band
  4. Unlimited Serial Bus

Answer-1.Universal Serial Bus

Question-24.In 8051 the I/O ports that are used as address and data for external memory are

  1. Ports 0 and 3
  2. Ports 0 and 2
  3. Ports 1 and 2
  4. Ports 1 and 3

Answer-2.Ports 0 and 2

Question-25.In soldering the melting point of filler metal is

  1. Below 520°C
  2. Below 420°C
  3. Above 420°C
  4. Above 520°C

Answer-3.Above 420°C

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