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Electronics Mechanic Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part Three For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

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Electronics Mechanic Mostly Asked MCQ PDF Part Three For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2

Here we are providing mostly asked MCQ PDF of Electronics Mechanic Trade  For RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 stage exam,It will be provide help to aspirants who are going to appear this exam.Next part will be upload tomorrow.

RRB ALP/Technician CBT 2 Online Test Series Will Be Start Shortly.

Question-1.Electrical braking preferred in industries is

1. None of these
2. Plugging
3. Regenerate  breaking
4. Dynamic  breaking

Answer-Regenerate  breaking

Question-2. In Hand off

1. Process of transferring the call to the new base station
2. New channel allocation is done
3. Transfers the call
4. All of these

Answer –All of these

Question-3.Following is used an output device on a ladder diagram

1. Proximity sensor
2. Detent switch
3. All of these
4. Relay


Question-4.In PLC mounting rack s used for mouning

1. I/ O Module
2. Processor
3. All of these
4. Communication module

Answer –All of these

Question-5.The minimum spectrum allocation required for W-CDMA is

1. 2MH
2. 100KH
3. 5MH
4. 500KH


Question-6.The shape of the cellular region for maximum radio coverage is

1. Hexagon
2. Circular
3. Oval
4. Square


Question-7.The process of transferring a mobile station from one base station to another is

1. MSC
2. Forward channel
3. Roamer
4. Hand off

Answer –Hand off

Question-8.Type of electric drive used in cranes

1. Individual
2. Both Individual & Group
3. Group
4. Multi motor

Answer-Multi motor

Question-9.Rotating magnetic field is produced in a

1. Three phase induction motor
2. DC series motor
3. AC series motor
4. Single-phase induction motor

Answer-Three phase induction motor

Question-10.The starting torque in a single-phase induction motor is

1. Zero
2. High
3. Low
4. Very low


Question-11.The lubricator in a pneumatic ciurcuit is the

1. Last element in line
2. Second element in line
3. First element in line
4. Third element in line
Answer-Last element in line

Question-12.In pneumatic system, AND gate is also known as

1. None of these
2. Check valve
3. Shuttle valve
4. Dual pressure valve

Answer-Dual pressure valve

Question-13. If in induction machine is run at above synchronous speed,it acts as

1. An induction motor
2. An induction generator
3. None of these
4. A synchronous motor
Answer-An induction generator

Question-14.The capability of convent on relay systems for complex operations is _________that of the PLCs.

1. Unpredictable as
2. As good as
3. Poor than
4. Excellent than
Answer-Poor than

Question-15.Slip of an induct on motor increases with

1. Decrease in current and increase in torque
2. Decrease in current and torque
3. Increase in current and decrease in torque
4. Increase in current and torque

Answer-Increase In current and torque

Question-16.Carrier frequency of a TV remote control is in the range

1. Of infrared
2. Less than 1 GH
3. Less than 100 MH
4. Less than 2 GH

Answer-Of infrared

Question-17.Static convergence is done of the screen

1. Center
2. Edges
3. Right
4. Left


Question-18. If the value of error Increases, the changing speed of controller output

1. Increases
2. Decrease
3. Cannot say
4. Remains constant

Answer-Remains constant

Question-19.AC power in a load can be controlled by using

1. Two SCR’s in parallel opposition
2. Two SCR’S in series
3. Three SCR’s in series
4. Four SCR’s in series

Answer-Two SCR’s n parallel opposition

Question-20.Condition/s of MCLR (master clear) pin allow to reset the PIC

1. Moderate
2. High
3. Low
4. All of these


Question-21.The light output from an LED is a function of

1. None of these
2. Frequency
3. Current
4. Voltage


Question-22.The basic elements of electric drive are

1. Electric motor
2. Electrical motor and control system
3. None of these
4. Control system

Answer-Electrical motor and control system

Question-23.The number of lines scanned per frame in the raster on the picture tube screen is

1. 262
2. 525
3. 20
4. 10
Answer -525

Question-24. In electropneumatic circuits

1. All of these
2. Spool is shifted by control air
3. Spool is shifted by electromotive force
4. Spool is shifted by signal air

Answer-Spool is shifted by electromotive force

Question-25.The phase difference between two winding of AC servomotor

1. 1200
2. 600
3. 900
4. 300


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