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10 Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloaders/Savers Online-Download YouTube Thumbnail

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YouTube thumbnails can be required for download for various reasons ranging from personal to professional. Some thumbnails are very attractive, and users might want to download YouTube thumbnail to use as wallpaper or as inspiration. Whereas other times, thumbnails are required to be added to blogs.

In either case, you can take help from a YouTube thumbnail downloader that can save your day. As the name suggests, a YouTube thumbnail saver can let you save any thumbnail you like, and sometimes you can also custom select the quality. For your ease, we have rounded up the best tools to download YouTube thumbnail.

Let’s dive in.

10 Free Online YouTube Thumbnail Downloaders/Savers

There are tons of tools on the web that let you download YouTube thumbnail. But, not all of them are reliable and secure. Choosing the best YouTube thumbnail downloaders that offer all the features you are looking for can be time taking and tedious. So, we are here to save the day by listing the top YouTube thumbnail saver tools.

1. Zipincode

free youtube thumbnail downloader

As a free YouTube thumbnail downloader, zipincode is frequently used by people. It enables users to download YouTube thumbnail without any hassle. There a variety of resolutions available, and you can choose the quality you like, ranging from All Youtube Videos Including 4K, 1080p, HD, HQ, etc.. The simple interface of this downloader further makes it an excellent tool. All you have to do is enter the URL link and click Save As after the thumbnail is loaded. Also, this versatile YouTube thumbnail downloader works on almost every kind of device. Whether you are using a desktop PC or an iPhone, zipincode is compatible with all.

2. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

thumbnail downloader youtube

Another powerful and free YouTube thumbnail downloader is this one, which can download both YouTube and Vimeo thumbnails. After you copy-paste the link of the video whose thumbnail you wish to save, you can press on Get Thumbnail Images. After that, you can choose the quality of the thumbnail as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also get a free extension of this YouTube thumbnail saver on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. This will allow fast and easy use of the YouTube thumbnail downloader. What’s more, unlike other downloaders, this one doesn’t bombard the user with pesky ads.

3. Youthumbnail.com

download thumbnail from youtube

YouThumbnail, also known as YT YouTube thumbnail downloader, is a robust tool that allows users to quickly download YouTube thumbnail absolutely free of cost. It requires no installation. Three different sizes, namely medium, small, and HD, are available for download. By clicking on the desired quality, you can quickly and safely download YouTube thumbnail. Also, there is no limit to the number of downloads. Better yet, there are multiple languages available. So, a diverse population can use this online YouTube thumbnail saver with great ease.

4. YouTube-thumbnails.com

youtube thumbnail saver

As a free and open for all YouTube thumbnail saver, this one lets users get the thumbnail of their choice in the quality of their choice. Using this YouTube thumbnail downloader won’t cost a penny, no matter how many thumbnails are downloaded. It also has a very simple user interface. Just enter the YouTube video link and press Find. The qualities of the thumbnail supported by this tool are MQ 320×180, HQ 480×360, SD 640×480, and HD 1280×720 , and will be almost instantly displayed. Click on the quality you wish to save locally, and your download will start immediately.

5. YT Thumbnail Downloader

yt thumbnail downloader

YT Thumbnail Downloader is an excellent and lightning-fast tool to download YouTube thumbnail. It poses no limitations or charges on the use. Moreover, you can custom select the resolution of the thumbnail before you click to save. This YouTube thumbnail downloader prides itself on being the fastest in the market. The thumbnail processing time is just 2 seconds, after which you can download YouTube thumbnail. Besides, this YouTube thumbnail saver is safe and secure as it doesn’t display tons of ads and also does not save the user’s data.

6. BoingBoing

boing youtube downloader

BoingBoing is also a free and very easy-to-use YouTube thumbnail saver. All you have to do is paste the URL you copied, and this YouTube thumbnail downloader will take care of the rest. There is no button to press to start the process. The thumbnails are almost instantly loaded. However, BoingBoing displays a lot of annoying ads. Also, the different qualities that are displayed don’t mention the size, and you will have to press and hold the image to download. All in all, this YouTube thumbnail saver is worth your time and effort as it is fast at what it does.

7. Get YouTube Thumbnail

get youtube thumbnail

Get YouTube Thumbnail is a very simple tool to download YouTube thumbnail. It comes with no extra features. But, it is widely used due to the fact that it is a very straightforward YouTube thumbnail downloader. It doesn’t even display intrusive ads or pop-ups. But, the downside is that the quality options are limited. There are only 2 qualities available for download, and no size is mentioned on them. To download YouTube thumbnail, you will have to right-click and open the image URL created and then save it in the next tab.

8. YouTube Thumbnail Image

best way to free youtube thumbnail downloader

A fast and easy way to download YouTube thumbnail is by using this powerful tool available online. Without any hassle of downloading or registering an account, you can easily copy-paste the link of your favorite video and click on Search. You will be displayed with four qualities such as 1920×1080 (HD), 640X480 (SD), 480X360 (HQ), and 320×180 (MQ). This feature makes it a versatile YouTube thumbnail downloader as users can choose the quality depending on the space they have available. Other than this, the YouTube thumbnail saver offers round-the-clock customer support. So, in case you face any technical issue or are unable to download YouTube thumbnail, this tool will be present for prompt assistance.

9. Thumbnail-download.com

youtube shorts video downloader online

Another addition to the list of top YouTube thumbnail downloader tools is this one. Like the other tools, this one is also free for use and is renowned for being super fast. No matter which YouTube video you want to save the thumbnail from, this tool will allow you easy access to download it in HD quality. The website is SSL encrypted, so the user’s data is protected, and thus this is a safe site to download YouTube thumbnail. What’s more, this YouTube thumbnail downloader is robust. Although there a few ads displayed, they aren’t very intrusive and do not disrupt the user experience.

Bonus Tip: The Best YouTube Video Editor-Wondershare Filmora

With Wondershare Filmora, you can create captivating videos by using one-click tools. This powerful yet intuitive video editor is loaded with various high-end editing features that can help you add striking and cinematic effects to your videos. Motion tracking, color matching, and even keyframing are made easy through Filmora.

1. After you download and install Filmora on your PC, launch it. Then, click on File and tap on Import Media Files.

import youtube video

2.The Audio tab of Filmora offers a variety of music. Just click on the plus icon on any audio to add it to your video as background music. Cut the extra audio part to match your video length.

edit audio to youtube

3.From the Titles tab, you can choose a preset template and then personalize it by double-clicking the title you have added to the timeline.

add title to youtube

4.The Transition tab also displays multiple types of dynamic transitions; click to add to the timeline and then drag to adjust the duration of the effect.

add transition to youtube

5.You can also choose an aesthetic filter or overlay from the Effects tab.

add effects to youtube

6.The Elements tab features numerous categories like Love, Journey, Badges, and many more. You can add these elements to your video and then adjust their size, rotation, opacity, and much more.

add elements to youtube

7.Lastly, you can click on Export and either save the video locally or share it directly on social media.

free youtube thumbnail downloader


Finally, you can download YouTube thumbnail at the site of your choice. Whether you want to download it in HD or in a lower quality, one of the YouTube thumbnail downloaders mentioned above will be able to fulfill your requirements.

No more browsing through unsecured and ad-laden sites to find a reliable YouTube thumbnail downloader. We have hand-picked, tried, and tested all these tools. All you have to do is take your pick of the YouTube thumbnail saver that best fits your needs. Any tool you choose, you will be able to download YouTube thumbnail with ease and security.

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