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Name the state where eight US presidents were born ?

The country of Bolivia is named after which important hero of South America ?

Which minister started the organization called “People for Animals” or PFA ?

Who established Biocon ?

What is the scientific name of the national animal of India ?

Which African – American demanded equal rights for all his fellow beings in the United States of America ?

Who became famous for his “I have a dream…..” speech ?

Where will one find the Great Wall ?

Who is known as the “Ironman of Europe” ?

What are the nest of Squirrels called ?

Rice, Wheat, Bajra, Jowar – which is grown in water ?

Who began his speech with “Sisters and Brothers of America” ?

Vinod Khosla co-founded which company ?

What is a very short novel called ?

Name the female reproductive part of the plant ?

Name the national flower of Spain ?

Who was nicknamed “Flying Sikh of India” ?

Toxophily is also known by which other name ?

Which is the smallest seed in the world ?

What is the new name of Burma ?

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