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Target RRB JE CBT 1-Important Units And Theirs Dimension

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Target RRB JE CBT 1-Important Units And Theirs Dimension

According to analysis of RRB exam recently held for various post,1-2 question in every shift asked from units and dimensions in general science so here in today target RRB JE CBT 1 we are providing important units and dimensions,Expected from these one question surely will come.

PDF for this have given at last aspirant can download it.

All physical quantities are said to be described by its dimensions.

There are 7 (seven) fundamental quantities, hence, 7 (seven) fundamental dimensions.

Derived quantity Symbol SI derived unit Dimension Scalar/Vector
Absement A m s L T vector
Absorbed dose rate Gy s⁻¹ L² T⁻³
Acceleration a m s⁻² L T⁻² vector
Angular acceleration α rad s⁻² T⁻²
Angular momentum L kg m² s⁻¹ M L² T⁻¹ vector
Angular speed (or angular velocity) ω rad s⁻¹ T⁻¹ scalar
Area A m² L² scalar
Area density ρA kg m⁻² M L⁻²
Capacitance C farad (F = A² s kg⁻¹ m⁻²) M⁻¹ L⁻² T I² scalar
Catalytic activity katal (kat = mol s⁻¹) T⁻¹ N
Catalytic activity concentration kat m⁻³ L⁻³ T⁻¹ N
Chemical potential μ J mol⁻¹ M L² T⁻² N⁻¹
Crackle c m s⁻⁵ L T⁻⁵ vector
Current density J A m⁻² L⁻² I vector
Dose equivalent H sievert (Sv = m² s⁻²) L² T⁻²
Dynamic viscosity η Pa s M L⁻¹ T⁻¹
Electric charge Q coulomb (C = A s) T I
Electric charge density ρQ C m⁻³ L⁻³ T I
Electric displacement D C m⁻² L⁻² T I vector
Electric field strength E V m⁻¹ M L T⁻³ I⁻¹ vector
Electrical conductance G siemens (S = A² s³ kg⁻¹ m⁻²) M⁻¹ L⁻² T⁻³ I² scalar
Electrical conductivity σ S m⁻¹ M⁻¹ L⁻³ T⁻³ I² scalar
Electric potential V volt (V = kg m² A⁻¹ s⁻³) M L² T⁻³ I⁻¹ scalar
Electrical resistance R ohm (Ω = kg m² A⁻² s⁻³) M L² T⁻³ I⁻² scalar
Electrical resistivity ρ ohm metre (Ω⋅m = kg m³ A⁻² s⁻³) M L³ T⁻³ I⁻² scalar
Energy E joule (J = kg m² s⁻²) M L² T⁻² scalar
Energy density ρE J m⁻³ M L⁻¹ T⁻²
Entropy S J K⁻¹ M L² T⁻² Θ⁻¹ scalar
Force F newton (N = kg m s⁻²) M L T⁻² vector
Frequency f hertz (Hz = s⁻¹) T⁻¹ scalar
Fuel efficiency m m⁻³ ( = m/m³) L⁻² scalar
Half-life t1/2 s T
Heat Q joule (J) M L² T⁻²
Heat capacity Cp J K⁻¹ M L² T⁻² Θ⁻¹
Heat flux density ϕQ W m⁻² M T⁻³
Illuminance Ev lux (lx = cd sr m⁻²) L⁻² J
Impedance Z ohm (Ω = kg m² A⁻² s⁻³) M L² T⁻³ I⁻² scalar
Impulse J newton second (N⋅s = kg m s⁻¹) M L T⁻¹ vector
Inductance L henry (H = kg m² A⁻² s⁻²) M L² T⁻² I⁻² scalar
Irradiance E W m⁻² M T⁻³
Intensity I W m⁻² M T⁻³
Jerk j m s⁻³ L T⁻³ vector
Jounce (or snap) s m s⁻⁴ L T⁻⁴ vector
Kinematic viscosity v m²  s⁻¹ L² T⁻¹ scalar
Linear density ρl kg m⁻¹ M L⁻¹
Luminous flux (or luminous power) F lumen (lm = cd sr) J
Mach number (or mach) M unitless 1
Magnetic field strength H A m⁻¹ L⁻¹ I vector
Magnetic flux Φ weber (Wb = kg m² A⁻¹ s⁻²) M L² T⁻² I⁻¹ scalar
Magnetic flux density B tesla (T = kg A⁻¹ s⁻²) M T⁻² I−1
Magnetization M A m⁻¹ L⁻¹ I vector
Mass fraction x kg/kg 1
(Mass) Density (or volume density) ρ kg m⁻³ M L⁻³
Mean lifetime τ s T
Molar concentration C mol m⁻³ L⁻³ N
Molar energy J mol⁻¹ M L² T⁻² N⁻¹
Molar entropy J K⁻¹ mol⁻¹ M L² T⁻²Θ⁻¹ N⁻¹
Molar heat capacity c J K⁻¹ mol⁻¹ M L² T⁻² Θ⁻¹ N⁻¹
Moment of inertia I kg m² M L² scalar
Momentum p N s M L T⁻¹ vector
Permeability μ H m⁻¹ M L T⁻² I⁻²
Permittivity ε F m⁻¹ M⁻¹ L⁻³ T I²
Plane angle θ radian (rad) 1
Power P watt (W) M L² T⁻³ scalar
Pressure p pascal (Pa = kg m⁻¹ s⁻²) M L⁻¹ T⁻² scalar
Pop p m s⁻⁶ L T⁻⁶ vector
(Radioactive) Activity A becquerel (Bq = s⁻¹) T⁻¹ scalar
(Radioactive) Dose D gray (Gy = m² s⁻²) L² T⁻²
Radiance L W m⁻² sr⁻¹ M T⁻³
Radiant intensity I W sr⁻¹ M L² T⁻³ scalar
Reaction rate r mol m⁻³ s⁻¹ N L⁻³T⁻¹ scalar
Refractive index n unitless 1 scalar
Reluctance R H⁻¹ M⁻¹ L⁻² T² I² scalar
Solid angle Ω steradian (sr) 1
Speed v m s⁻¹ L T⁻¹ scalar
Specific energy J kg⁻¹ L² T⁻²
Specific heat capacity c J kg⁻¹ K⁻¹ L² T⁻² Θ⁻¹
Specific volume v m⁻³ kg⁻¹ M⁻¹ L⁻³
Spin S kg m² s⁻¹ M L² T⁻¹
Strain ε unitless 1
Stress σ Pa M L⁻¹ T⁻²
Surface tension γ N m⁻¹ or J m⁻² M T⁻²
Temperature gradient ∇ T  K m⁻¹ Θ L⁻¹ vector
Thermal conductivity k W m⁻¹ K⁻¹ M L T⁻³ Θ⁻¹
Torque τ newton metre (N m) M L² T⁻² vector
Velocity v m s⁻¹ L T⁻¹ vector
Volume V m³ L³ scalar
Volumetric flow Q m³ s⁻¹ L³ T⁻¹ scalar
Wavelength λ m L
Wave number k m⁻¹ L⁻¹ scalar
Wave vector k m⁻¹ with direction L⁻¹ vector
Weight w newton (N = kg m s⁻²) M L T⁻² vector
Work W joule (J = kg m² s⁻²) M L² T⁻² scalar
Young’s modulus E pascal (Pa = kg m⁻¹ s⁻²) M L⁻¹ T⁻² scalar
Base quantity Symbol SI base unit Dimension Scalar/Vector
Length l metre (m) L
Mass m kilogram (kg) M scalar
Time t second (s) T scalar
Electric current I ampere (A) I
Temperature T kelvin (K) Θ scalar
Amount of substance n mole (mol) N  scalar
Luminous intensity L candela (cd) J scalar

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