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1. ‘Ammavin Aran’ women safety application in Tamil Nadu means
a. mother’s care
b. mother’s protection
c. mother’s lap
d. mother’s fortress

2. What is the height of India’s tallest flag inaugurated at the Indo-Pak Attari Border?
a. 360-foot
b. 340-foot
c. 370-foot
d. 350-foot

3. Which company has created the world’s smallest magnet using a single atom – and stored one bit of data on it?
a. Apple
b. Microsoft
c. IBM
d. Wipro

4. Who has won his third straight Brazil Open tennis title 2017?
a. Pablo Cuevas

b. Andy Roddick
c. Juan Martin
d. Andy Murray

5. ‘Mera Hunar web platform is launched by
a. Rajsthan
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Himachal Pradesh

6. Who has been named the 2017 Artist of the Year by Harvard Foundation’s?
a. Amma Watson
b. Viola Davis
c. Shakira
d. Beyonce

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