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Youtuber Untalented Guy : Arrested in firing case

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BALASORE: A YouTuber Untalented Guy who was detained by Balasore police along with four of his associates for murdering two of his subscribers who had left critical comments on his channel was known for his abusive and profanity-filled videos.

Youtuber Untalented Guy
Youtuber Untalented Guy

Udit Nayak, a 20-year-old YouTuber, also had two younger friends who were arrested and taken to a juvenile detention facility. The victims, Pinku Das and Amiya Das suffered severe injuries and are currently being treated at Cuttack’s SCB Medical College and Hospital. According to the police, the YouTuber and his group not only attacked them with pointed objects but also opened fire on them.

Youtuber Untalented Guy

Although his content was crude and scurrilous, Udit, who ran the channel ” Youtuber Untalented Guy,” had amassed a sizable subscriber base. Sagarika Nath, the Balasore SP, claimed that he used the assistance of younger boys to edit and upload videos to his channel, including Suresh Behera, 19, Saroj Behera, 20, and Karan Barua, 18.

However, Pinku and Amiya opposed them and left disparaging comments on their YouTube page when they started using foul language in their videos. Udit and his group were enraged by this, so they made the decision to discipline the two subscribers.

“On May 24, the accused allegedly used a sharp object to attack the victims, shot them with a gun, and then fled near Remuna Golei. As their condition was critical, the pair was transferred from FM Medical College to SCB MCH, according to Nath.

The accused were charged the same day with violating sections 25 and 27 of the Arms Act as well as sections 294, 324, 325, 326, 307, 376, 506, and 34 of the IPC, and a manhunt was started to find them. According to Nath, two police teams were organized, and the suspect was apprehended after being searched at several locations in Balasore, Udala, and Bhubaneswar. They had an unlicensed firearm, an empty cartridge, seven cell phones, a motorbike, and a scooter taken from them.

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